Peach & Wattle seed Balls - 150g

Peach & Wattle seed Balls - 150g

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Peach & Wattle seed balls, also known as protein balls, are great little energy suppliers. They serve as a healthy snack option for on-the-go and busy lifestyles.

Here are three reasons why Peach & Wattle seedĀ balls are great and actually good for you.
šŸŒŸThey are full of nutritional benefits.
šŸŒŸPerfect as a pre-workout snack, little sweet treat after a meal or a quick breakfast on-the-go

Our Peach & Wattle seed Bliss Balls use Riverland dried fruit, Australian Macadamias coconut oats and wattle seed.Ā  A healthy decadent treat to give you that guilt-freeĀ on-the-go energy hit.
Ingredients:Ā Riverland dried peach, macadamias, rolled oats, coconut, olive oil, lime juice,
wattle seed and vanilla

Contains sulphur (220), dairy and tree nuts.

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