Almondco Almond Paste & Almond Oil
Almondco Almond Paste & Almond Oil

Almondco Almond Paste & Almond Oil

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Almond Oil

From Cold pressed Almondco almonds this unrefined oil has retained its natural golden color, mild fragrance and nutritional benefits.

Almond oil has a clean flavor that pairs perfectly with fish or poultry and green vegetables. This versatile product can be used as a premium dressing oil or as a healthy substitute for other cooking oils, with a flash point of 210 degrees.Almondco

Widely used for aromatherapy and massage this premium product contains levels of Vitamin E, B and P, making it perfect for skin nourishment.

Cold pressed – Non GM and Gluten Free – Ideal for cooking – Great for skin nourishment.

Almondco PureA is a Premium 100% Australian Almond Paste.

This versatile paste is made solely from Almondco Australian Almonds, with no other additives included.

Perfect for those looking to make their own Almond milk. Simply mix Almondco PureA with water and blitz! Fresh Almond Milk ready in seconds. Get creative and add extra ingredients such as fresh fruits or vegetables to make a delicious and nutritious  Almond Milk Smoothie.

Gluten Free – No MSG – Natural Australian Almonds

Suggested Mix 50ml per 1 L