The Kumquatery - Candied Marumi Kumquats - 100gm

The Kumquatery - Candied Marumi Kumquats - 100gm

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Kumquats are a native Chinese citrus known for their tart-sweet flavor and small, adorable size. 

Kumquats themselves are very small, about 1" in length and are referred to as "little golden gems". You eat them, peel and all. The peel is the sweeter component and the juice is tart and sometimes sour. Most kumquats have seeds, which should not be eaten. 

Marumi- This ancient Chinese variety has small, round fruit with a thick yellow-orange rind. Very juicy. 

These candied Marumi kumquats are the perfect accompaniment to cheese, fruit  & anti-pasta platters. A great addition to cakes or puddings and fantastic to garnish meats.

Grown by The Kumquatery is based in Renmark, which is in the Riverland, South Australia. Andrew & Patria along with their children Steven & Jorja currently grow and process fruit from 500 Kumquat trees.