The Stock Merchant- Beef Bone Broth Gut Elixer - 300g

The Stock Merchant- Beef Bone Broth Gut Elixer - 300g

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This rich bone broth is extracted from grass-fed, free-range beef bones over a 24 hour period.

The Stock Merchant's Free Range Beef Bone Broth is rich in collagen, gelatin and life-boosting minerals and amino acids including glycine, valine, threonine and lysine.

With no vegetables used as a filler ingredient, this broth is the perfect tonic for sipping straight from a cup or as a base to add other ingredients.

Bone Broth is renowned for its health benefits.


While easily dismissed as a food trend, bone broth is one of the oldest healing foods on the planet. Made by simmering bones for a long period of time, bone broth is a pretty magical elixir that is: 

  • Rich in amino acids such as proline and glycine

  • Rich in essential fats and minerals

  • High in protein

  • Anti-inflammatory

  • Immune boosting


98% Australian Ingredients

Water, grass fed beef and beef bones, Apple cider vinegar, rosemary extract (Natural antioxidant).


Made in Melbourne by passionate lovers of local, sustainable & healthful food.