Jachmann Cider - 330ml - Royal Gala -

Jachmann Cider - 330ml - Royal Gala

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Tasting Notes

The ROYAL GALA Cider has natural apple complexity, sweetness, and acidity, making it a beautiful Draught Style cider – just like the apples picked from the tree.

Early in its release, the Royal Gala has a beautiful balance of fresh fruit characteristics that fill the mouth and lift it with gentle natural acidity. The optimum Cider comes into its own after 12 months in the bottle maturing into a rich golden-coloured, low bubble profile giving this small batch Estate Grown Craft Apple Cider a natural structure and great length.


Region: Loxton, South Australia
Variety: Royal Gala
Harvest Month: January
Bottle Date: July
Release Date: August
Cellaring: 4 years
Alcohol: 5.5%