Roogenic - Tea Jar - Native Balance for Women

Roogenic - Tea Jar - Native Balance for Women

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Roogenic’s Native Balance for Women is a unique blend of Australian Native Plants & other ingredients, designed to rebalance your body & mind, improve digestion or promote overall wellbeing.

  1. Contains Dandelion, Nettle & Yellow Dock which are great sources of iron, an essential mineral in blood that carries oxygen.
  2. Contains red raspberry leaf, also referred to as “the woman’s herb”, which has been reported to relieve cramping and nausea.
  3. Rehydrates and rejuvenates from within – add it to your daily water intake.
  4. Serve it warm & soothing or cold & refreshing.
  5. Has a fruity floral flavour.

IMPORTANT: If pregnant, only consume in the last four weeks of pregnancy as the tea contains Raspberry Leaf.

Raspberry Leaf: The Raspberry Leaf ingredient has a unique texture that can appear like a silky web as this is how the ingredient looks once it has been milled.