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Tallow Balm

Tallow Balm

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Tallow balm is a natural and nourishing skincare product that is gaining popularity due to its numerous benefits for the skin.
It is made from rendered beef fat, which is rich in vitamins A, D, E, and K, as well as essential fatty acids that are vital for healthy skin.

Ingredients- Locally sourced tallow, olive oil, essential oils. 

Tallow balm is a great moisturizer for dry and sensitive skin, as it helps to hydrate and soothe the skin, while also providing a protective barrier against environmental stressors.

The balm can also be used as a lip balm, or healing salve for minor cuts and burns due to its many benefits

It is also non-comedogenic, meaning it won't clog pores or cause breakouts, making it suitable for all skin types.

In addition to its moisturizing properties, tallow balm also has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, which can help to reduce redness and irritation, as well as prevent and heal blemishes. It is also a great option for those with eczema or psoriasis, as it can help to soothe and heal dry, itchy patches of skin.

Overall, tallow balm is a great natural alternative to conventional skincare products, as it is free from harmful chemicals and additives, and provides a host of benefits for the skin.

Free from harsh chemicals and synthetic fragrances, its safe for all skin types!

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