TBar - China Green Sencha Tea - Loose Leaf - per 10gm

TBar - China Green Sencha Tea - Loose Leaf - per 10gm

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T Bar is a South Australian family owned business and good tea is at the heart of what they do. Now, rather than only making tea to enjoy around our kitchen table they have more than 120 blends and varieties for you to enjoy around yours.

China Green Sencha First Grade ORGANIC Green Tea

teeped in tradition and a culture that goes back to BC times, the un-oxidised leaves of the Camellia Sinensis plant, picked at maturity and then steamed or pan-fried to arrest the leaf’s natural decomposition is a technology of sorts that simply cannot be beat. Green tea (or Cha) is at the real root of this whole thing we’re into. Once you sip on this incredible imbibe you too become a part of the timeless tradition that is tea.

T BAR searches the world over for the finest quality Green teas allowing you to infuse up to at least 3 times. Enjoy!