The Almond Farmer - Almond Butter - 250g - Natural

The Almond Farmer - Almond Butter - 250g - Natural

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100% Pure Almond Butter that is everything but normal!

This delicious spread is made with almonds that are sustainably grown without insecticides on our farm in South Australia’s Riverland.

The almonds are sorted, selected, crushed and packaged onsite to ensure there is no chance of cross-contamination by other tree nuts or allergen ingredients.

The Almond Farmer almond butter is delicious to eat on its own (by the spoonful), spread on toast or used as a topper for fruit and vegetables. It makes the perfect addition to any meal.

This almond butter arrives at your table in a 250g glass jar to maintain freshness.


100% almonds



Contains tree nuts (ALMONDS ONLY)

The Almond Farmer Guarantee:
✔ Peanut free guarantee
✔ Vegan and dairy free
✔ Gluten free
✔ Insecticide free and sustainably grown
✔ No additives or preservatives
✔ Non GMO
✔ 5-star health rating