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Baking Powder- Bulk - per 10g

Baking Powder- Bulk - per 10g

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Arrowroot (Maranta arundinacea) is a tropical tuber native to Indonesia.

It’s usually processed into a powder, also called arrowroot flour. The powder is extracted from the plant’s rhizome, an underground stem with multiple roots that store its starch and energy.

This vegetable is mostly employed in the kitchen, as it works well in sweet and savory dishes alike.

Aside from being high in protein and several nutrients, arrowroot is very easy to digest, making it ideal for children and older adults who may need gentler food.


Can be used in place of cornflour. It is often used in baking, but is best used to thicken liquids.

It's not a suitable wheat flour substitute for breadmaking, but it adds good flavour to biscuits.

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