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Coconut - Shredded Organic - Bulk - per 10g

Coconut - Shredded Organic - Bulk - per 10g

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Organic Coconut cut into long shreds.

The product is produced by shelling coconuts and paring, washing, drying, and granulating the white flesh into long shreds.

Toss shredded coconut into a variety of baked goods (cookies, muffins, breads, cakes, granola bars, granola, coconut macaroons), sprinkle it on cereal, porridge, fruit or yogurt, incorporate it into your fruit crumble topping, use it as grain-free breadcrumbs for tofu, fish or meat, or add it to your smoothies, ice cream or hot chocolate.

 Gluten Free
 No Added Sugar
 Lactose Free
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