Australian Dried Mango - Sulphur free - 100g

Australian Dried Mango - Sulphur free - 100g

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100% Australian owned and grown mango.

100% sulphur-free, preservative-free and additive-free. This mango is dried at a ratio of 10:1 (100g equals 1 kg of fresh fruit).

Mangoes are widely considered as the 'King of Fruit' due to the abundance of vitamins and minerals found in the fruit which help the body to repair damaged cells and fight off illness whilst improving concentration and performance.

They are:

  • Rich in a variety of phytonutrients, vitamins A, C and E which are necessary for healthy skin and the immune health
  • Provide a fast energy boost thanks to the naturally occurring carbohydrates (1/2 cup serving = 50g carbs)
  • Boost memory due to the presence of Glutamine
  • Ease digestion issues, such as heartburn and stomach discomfort, by balancing acid levels
  • Contain dietary fibre which helps to keep us 'regular' (1/2 cup serving = 3.7g dietary fibre)

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