Amberhill Honey - Farmhouse Mallee / 360g Jar
Amberhill Honey - Blue Gum / 360g Jar
Amberhill Honey -
Amberhill Honey - Orange Blossom / 360g Jar

Amberhill Honey

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Blue Gum

This glorious honey is so smooth, with a warm, buttery sweetness that it’s hard for the taste buds to forget. And funnily enough, the wax produced while foraging on Bluegum is a distinct yellow buttery colour, unlike say Orange Blossom which is pure white.

Farmhouse Mallee

This light to medium amber-coloured honey has a delicious, smooth flavour, the perfect partner for baking up a storm in the kitchen. Compliments soft/goats milk cheeses well or simply dribbling from the bottom of your crumpets!

Orange Blossom

Fruity with citrus undertones means it excels in salad dressings and marinades for fish and poultry and marries well with fruits, vanilla and chocolate... now what's not to love about that combination?