Christmas Puddings by Pudding Lane -
Christmas Puddings by Pudding Lane - Classic Log / 500g
Christmas Puddings by Pudding Lane - Chocolate Rum & Raisin / 500g
Christmas Puddings by Pudding Lane - Macadamia & Brandy / 500g
Christmas Puddings by Pudding Lane - Chocolate & Orange / 500g
Christmas Puddings by Pudding Lane - Date & Toffee / 500g
Christmas Puddings by Pudding Lane - Vegan / 500g
Christmas Puddings by Pudding Lane - Triple Chocolate / 500g
Christmas Puddings by Pudding Lane - Gluten Free / 500g
Christmas Puddings by Pudding Lane - Classic Round / 500g
Christmas Puddings by Pudding Lane -

Pudding Lane Christmas Puddings

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Limited Pudding Lane Christmas Puddings are available in-store and online 🎄.

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From an inherited prize-winning family recipe, our multi-award winning puddings are proudly hand-made in Newcastle Australia with the finest of 100% Australian vine fruits and select ingredients; fresh Free Range eggs, fresh butter, locally baked fresh bread (that we crumb), flour, spices and finest matured in Oak Brandy from the Barossa Valley.  Each and every Pudding we make is individually mixed, weighed out and shaped, tied up in natural calico with string, and boiled in the cloth using the traditional method for many hours in old-style gas-fired "coppers".  They are then hung individually on a line to naturally dry, age and mature, just as you would at home… and just in time for Christmas!

A 500g log yields a very generous serving for 5-6 people 

A 1kg log yields a very generous serving for 10-12 people

Classic Christmas Pudding

Pudding Lane takes the time to select the finest quality ingredients; 100% Australian Vine Fruits, fresh butter, fresh local Free Range eggs, fresh bread, (that they crumb) matured Brandy from the famous Barossa Valley, combines them by hand and individually weighs out each and every pudding.

Triple Chocolate Pudding

Pure decadence for chocolate lovers, with divine ingredients of milk chocolate, dark chocolate & finest Dutch cocoa.  With an Australian fruit & premium Queensland dark tropical rum.

Chocolate and Orange Pudding

Decadent chocolate Pudding with a splash of Cointreau for the Chocolate-Orange lovers. This pudding won the Great Taste Award in 2013.

Macadamia and Brandy Pudding

Award Winner: Australian Food Challenge Awards and UK Great Taste Awards

For the seriously indulgent who like moist full-fruit pudding luxuriously combined with rich golden Australian Organic Macadamia Nuts, matured Barossa Brandy and a little gourmet magic. . .

Date and Toffee Pudding

A luxuriously smooth sticky toffee taste to indulge in winter and for dinner parties all year.  A delicious companion to a Gourmet Cheese platter.

Rum and Plum Pudding

Plums steeped in premium Queensland dark tropical rum with Kakadu plum essence.

A delicious date & toffee liqueur Log, ready to serve and eat. A divine indulgence with a Sticky Toffee taste and aroma and is decadent on a cheese platter.

Vegan Pudding

This delightful Vegan pudding is made with the finest dairy-free, egg-free, & gluten-free substitutes. No animal products are used in its making. Gluten-Free & Dairy-Free. With a NATURAL sweetness and World-Famous Barossa Valley Oak Brandy, our vegan pudding is a traditional alternative for your Christmas table.

Gluten-Free Pudding

Handmade with the finest Australian Vine fruits, locally baked fresh Gluten-free breadcrumbs, fresh local Free-range eggs, Rice Flour and unmalted Brandy. Traditional tasting Pudding made in the traditional method, still supremely moist

Chocolate Rum and Raisin Pudding

Decadent chocolate Rum & Raisin Pudding with Queensland dark tropical rum, Australian vine fruits and fine dark chocolate.