She's Cheese Halloumi - 150g - Traditional
She's Cheese Halloumi - 150g - Lemon & Oregano

She's Cheese Halloumi - 150g

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Traditional Halloumi:

Made from the heart of South Australia with full cream, farm-fresh cows milk, non-animal rennet, and salt.

Gluten-free, additive-free and preservative-free.

Lemon & Oregano:

What’s better than halloumi… halloumi with a zesty Mediterranean twist. Nothing makes halloumi taste better than a splash of lemon and herbs, and we’ve done the work for you. Slice, dice and pop it on the bbq, no need to add anything. Perfect for an entire meal in itself, no fuss.

Ingredients: fresh cows milk, lemon rind, herbs, non-animal rennet, salt