Toolunka Creek - Dirty Martini Mix - 250ml -

Toolunka Creek - Dirty Martini Mix - 250ml

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Toolunka Creek's Dirty Martini Mix is the original olive brine from their Green Olive processing at Toolunka. Their brine starts as filtered rainwater, organic salt and a small amount of white wine vinegar. As the olives ferment they release flavour into the brine. During this process, natural flavours such as chilli, garlic, fennel and citrus are added to the mix. After 12 to 18 months the fermented brine is full of natural flavours and has a unique taste. Toolunka produces 6 varieties of Green Olives so the various brines have different flavours. These brines are blended and filtered 5 times to produce what is believed to be the ultimate Dirty Martini Mix!